The Perfect Greige

Mustard yellow turned Perfect Greige. Our first room we regretted painting. Well mostly me but to be fair this was the first room we painted after moving in, and before I had developed my sense of style for the house. It was too beige and yellow! So excited to see it go once we found the new color, “Perfect Greige”. jgjg

The joy in buying an old home is they didn’t have overhead lighting so besides painting, Tim Installed a ceiling fan. We recycled the light/fan combo from the kitchen and it works.

Our couch was one of our largest purchases right after college which anyone can tell you how much fun couch shopping is…we finally found one for the right price and style. A brown high back mini sectional with an extended chaise and matching ottoman. While we like it, we definitely wouldn’t buy it again. I still have no idea what to do with the ottoman since we have a coffee table.

Our coffee table was a fun recycle too! We simply put on our existing legs from the original coffee table. Coffee table – removed the top added 2 by 4’s, painted legs white took the oval top off

The problem with our couch is the arms come up too high to be able to place an end table right next to it. It’s on Tim’s list of projects to build a custom one. In the mean time, Tim bought a console table for behind the couch and it’s perfect! It even has electrical which is perfect for charging up.

Couch table – love this, X legs, wood stained top with white legs

I had a mini celebration when we finally were able to replace the old carpet that ran through our dining and living rooms. I initially wanted to do carpet because I couldn’t find the right color that matched our existing floor in the hallway and kitchen. I finally did and I was so relieved! Only because our new dog was struggling with potty training. We selected ________ in the ____ finish and ran it through both the living and dining rooms. Menards is truly a blessing and if you don’t have it where you live that’s such a shame!

PILLOWS! I don’t believe you can have ever have enough pillows. It’s an easy accessory for any room but especially the living room. I also love blankets so when Tim built a blanket ladder it was perfect to hang my favorite ones up. 

I love the texture of a jute rug and it’s neutral, so when we decide to get a new couch it will still accent that piece well. This was my first experience trying to buy area rugs and it was quite the experience. I’m normally not indecisive when it comes to our house and decorating. I can usually make a snap decision and we’ll run with it (usually). I really didn’t want to pick the wrong one, so we actually bought a few and ended up returning them! I finally went for the jute rug from IKEA and I love it! 

We value our TV so having a grand TV stand was important to us. This is Tim’s best work creating this piece. Insert how you made it. 

We love technology so this past Christmas we went digital! Our curved Samsung ____. One of the best tech purchases we have made to date is our Google home. It’s the perfect smart assistant and our Phillips Hue smart lightbulbs are pretty fun too.

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