The Gray, Yellow Room

More paneling!?! How was this ever in style? 

This room is the outcast in the house. It’s a bedroom but for us to use it as such didn’t make sense, so we turned it into our hang out space.

Yellow paneling…need I say more!

We had the brilliant idea initially to loft the room, remove the ocean wave ceiling and expose the brick behind the paneling. Sounded good in theory until we realized there was a gap in between the flooring and wall. The direction of the flooring wouldn’t work to fill the gap, without installing new flooring, so the paneling stayed.

Besides paneling itself being ugly, painting it is much worse. What was worse than painting was caulking the holes, gaps and trim. It only took 5 tubes! We were happy to see the yellow finally go! We opted for “Ironed Gray”, in a satin sheen by Refresh Dutch Boy. Ceiling paint helped the ceiling turn from yellow to white. It’s amazing how paint can turn a space around!

Pre-completion but almost done!

The seating is Rise by Allsteel which ultimately inspired the gray colors. Once again, perks of having access to office furniture member sales. The downside to this playful seating arrangement is these are meant for commercial sized hallways and not a residential house built in the 1800s. We had to take out the back window to get them in the room! (I wish I was kidding…)

We installed a simple light fixture that hugged the ceiling since it is so low. The previous light hung about 5 feet from the ground.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I can honestly say I let Tim have free range in picking out the accessories and textiles for this room. It’s a casual space so we, cough he, kept it eclectic.


This was a quick flip and a fun space hang with the family. 

Finished ‘Gray’ Room

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